1 large green cabbage - thoroughly washed and dried
2 x Granny smith apples - peeled and shredded in grater
1 teaspoon of raw honey
Himalayan Crystal Salt 1 teaspoon
1 sachet Body Ecology starter culture

1. Sterilise a mason jar ($4 at Ikea) in boiling water for ten minutes
2. To make starter mix: mix honey, culture starter, ½ cup filtered water
3. Set aside some big clean cabbage leaves. You will leave these as seals for the jar
4. Get a large bowl. Slice cabbages and add to the bowl. Scrunch the cabbage to try to bruise it (did this a couple of times)
5. Mix in all the ingredients together, scrunching. You may need to do a few batches depending on the size of your bowl. Don’t forget the salt.
6. Pack it tightly in the jar. Pour in starter culture mix.  DO NOT GO HIGHER THAN 3CM FROM TOP OF JAR.
7. Push it all down and pack it in as much as you can.  Make sure liquid covers all ingredients. Add filtered water if required.
8. Place cabbage leaf on top to ‘seal’ the veggies in
9. Firmly secure lid of jar and place on tray to catch any overflowing juices. Put in a dark place – i.e. in the cupboard with a towel on it.
10. Leave 3-5 days for crunchy, 10 days for softer texture.  DON’T OPEN WHEN FERMENTING.

Once fermented place in fridge. After opening jar, keep ingredients moist.  Stored correctly unopened cultured veges last 5 months in fridge and opened for 6 weeks.